2D Game monthly update #2 [en]

Your own 2d game.

So November has started so its time for another update on our project! So lets start with some news, First of: We will no longer use the Torque 2d engine.

Switching Engines.

Believe me this decision was anything but easy, but we decided that it was a necessary step to take. The Torque 2d engine is simply too badly documented. We were unable to find detailed information about basic engine functions and instructions, Such as the function to draw a sprite.

This made development slow and painful, Having to repeatedly quess functions and their syntax until it worked was certainly not a efficient development method.

So what next we knew this engine would make development hard but we needed an new engine to replace it with. This new engine had to be “it”, So we needed an engine with well written documentation. So we found an engine made by microsoft, XNA studio.

Xna game studio, the best for making your own 2d game.

Well documented and used for other big titles, In development for many years and made by microsoft. This just had to be it! Since we were so into this engine we voted whether to use it or not. The results where clear this was the new engine.

Now porting a game to another engine is not easy, Mostly its probably impossible to do efficiently. We had to rewrite almost everything we had made so far, The only thing we could continue to use where our assets.

So the development was getting a little bit rough but we made great progress on the story for our game. More on this of course in the next update, For now its a secret.

This was it for this update, We don’t want to show so much of our restarted development. As a final note, Take my advice make a good decision on which engine you’re going to use. Because if you don’t, Making your own 2g game is gonna be much more difficult.

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