2D game project with Torque 2D. [en]

So me and a few friends decided to make a 2D minecraft/terraria like game,just for fun no big project.  We will do this with the Torque 2D game engine here is the first screenshot from after we first got together.

First image from our Torque 2d game project.

First image from our Torque 2d game project.

The idea is to combine different game elements and maintaining balance, while also using a for us complete unknown framework : Torque 2D.

Our main focus points are:

  • good structural code integrity and design.
  • original in depth story.
  • fascinating and original artwork.
  • fantastic flued and diversified music.
  • challenging and advanced leveling and skill system.
  • mulit dimension experience within 2d gameplay.

Upcoming events:

Concept art is being created by our main artist at the moment this is to give a more focused drive for further development, as example the background in the  torque 2d game tutorial. furthermore between 1 and 2 weeks all programmers will come together to program together to realy make miles in the progress of creating this 2d game.

final notes:

If you are interested in our 2d game project and want more information you can email at: info@lanpartyhosting.nl

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