Providing precompiled versions of NSPR and NSS [en]


Due to the fact that im building a program which requires nss and nspr i’m supplying a bunch of downloads to different build targets for nspr 4.12 and nss 3.26 The downloads contain binaries, headers and libraries for both nss and nspr. You can request additional build targets in the comments below.

About nss & nspr

Network Security Services (NSS) comprises a set of libraries designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications with optional support for hardware TLS/SSL acceleration on the server side and hardware smart cards on the client side. NSS provides a complete open-source implementation of cryptographic libraries supporting Transport Layer Security (TLS) / Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and S/MIME. Previously tri-licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1, the GNU General Public License, and the GNU Lesser General Public License, NSS upgraded to GPL-compatible MPL 2.0 with release 3.14 – From Wikipedia

The Netscape Portable Runtime, or NSPR, a platform abstraction library, makes all operating systems it supports appear the same to (for example) Mozilla-style web-browsers. NSPR provides platform independence for non-GUI operating system facilities – From Wikipedia

Quick info

Most of the time both debug and optimized builds will be available, as well as x86 and x64 builds. For linux their are also builds for different kernel versions please not that they are backwards compatible. The linux version indicates the minimal required kernel version. Donwloads with OPT in the name are optimized and DBG are debug build. if no architecture is described in the file name the architecture is X86.

  • mozilla Netscape Portable Runtime(nspr) version 4.12
  • mozilla Network Security Services(nss) version 3.26




Mac osX El Capitan

Mac osX Lion

Not enough platforms?

If you are missing your platform from this list feel free to make a request in the comments down below.

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