Providing precompiled versions of NSPR and NSS


Due to the fact that im building a program which requires nss and nspr i’m supplying a bunch of downloads to different build targets for nspr 4.12 and nss 3.26 The downloads contain binaries, headers and libraries for both nss and nspr. You can request additional build targets in the comments below.

About nss & nspr

Network Security Services (NSS) comprises a set of libraries designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications with optional support for hardware TLS/SSL acceleration on the server side and hardware smart cards on the client side. NSS provides a complete open-source implementation of cryptographic libraries supporting Transport Layer Security (TLS) / Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and S/MIME. Previously tri-licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1, the GNU General Public License, and the GNU Lesser General Public License, NSS upgraded to GPL-compatible MPL 2.0 with release 3.14 – From Wikipedia

The Netscape Portable Runtime, or NSPR, a platform abstraction library, makes all operating systems it supports appear the same to (for example) Mozilla-style web-browsers. NSPR provides platform independence for non-GUI operating system facilities – From Wikipedia

Quick info

Most of the time both debug and optimized builds will be available, as well as x86 and x64 builds. For linux their are also builds for different kernel versions please not that they are backwards compatible. The linux version indicates the minimal required kernel version. Donwloads with OPT in the name are optimized and DBG are debug build. if no architecture is described in the file name the architecture is X86.

  • mozilla Netscape Portable Runtime(nspr) version 4.12
  • mozilla Network Security Services(nss) version 3.26




Mac osX El Capitan

Mac osX Lion

Not enough platforms?

If you are missing your platform from this list feel free to make a request in the comments down below.


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  1. danta author

    Feel free to ask me for additional binaries for different platforms or other general questions.

    • Robin Ehrlich -

      Do you have a build for Windows using Visual Studio 2015.

      • Dantali0n author

        The version of Visual Studio used to build this library does not affect if you can use it or not. The Windows binaries should work on all versions of Windows from xp and onward.

  2. Simon Savai -

    Thanks for this. How would the binaries, headers and libraries be setup for Windows environment? I’m trying to build a library (libfprint) that requires NSS, and I’ve failed to setup NSS in MINGW. If you give any idea on how the downloads for Windows can be set up, I think I will figure it out for my specific build environment.


    • danta author

      I used this libraries in a project I once worked on using cMake and a small bash file. The cMake file can be found here certblock CMakeLists.txt on line 56 the .lib files are added and later on line 134 referenced as target libraries.

      libfprint uses a more traditional makefile so it is very likely to search for the required headers and libraries in the $PATH environment variable. It may also be incompatible depending on what files libfprint tries to find as windows libraries (.lib) are incompatible with linux onces (.a & .so). You can check the $PATH variable and which system path it contains by executing echo $PATH in mingw. The most logical location is /usr/lib/ and /usr/include, you can find which of the files in the zip belong were by examining Certblock around line 150.

      It might be easier to download CYGWIN instead with all dependencies pre-installed, as with CYGWIN you can select many necessary libraries and programs to install while installing CYGWIN itself.

  3. Cédric -

    I’ve been struggling to compile the latest NSS (3.36.1) from source for a few days already. I’ve tried everything, followed several tutorials that I have carefully respected step by step but without luck. I’m now wondering if anyone ever succeeded to compile it on Windows with the latest version as I basically browsed the whole internet without finding anything.

    Firefox changed something in the latest release that prevents me from using this version, I apparently need 3.35 as a minimum and I’m a bit desperate by the pain it is to compile to be honest

    • Cédric -

      I finally managed to compile after 4 days trying just to find out… the issue has nothing to do with the version. This project and its documentation is really a shame.

      • Dantali0n author

        That it is such an effort to determine how to compile NSPR & NSS was the reason for providing these binaries, I hope that by providing these it safes someone the time it takes to figure it out and setup the development environment.

        Glad to see you figured it out, I recommend keeping a short step-list of how you did it in case you need to compile it again.

  4. Sowmya -

    Help required on NSS Build:

    Please share the windows build procedure to build latest nss.
    I need latest certutil.exe.

    Or share the latest certuril.exe if you have built.

    • Dantali0n author

      Unfortunately I am very busy at the moment and won’t be able to provide pre-build binaries, especially not for Windows 10 since I have problems with M$ it’s choices in regards to user control & privacy on that platform.

      The build instructions for NSS are publicly available online on: NSS building NSS will contain Certutil.exe

      I suspect Mozilla Firefox ships with certutil.exe on Windows and that would probably be an easier and faster way to get a hold off a recent version of certutil.exe.

  5. DAP -

    Could you provide an updated binary package. It seems that 3.15.1 is the first to implement TLS 1.2
    Thank you

    • Dantali0n author

      The versions provided are 3.26 for NSS and 4.12 for NSPR which is higher than the version you specify so it should already support TLS 1.2

  6. LMH -

    Hello, Can you please make these available for Solaris 11

  7. Kenny -

    Is there a possible way to compile the nss/nspr src for windows 10 -1903

    • Kenny -

      I mean the newest nss 4.36.1 and nspr 4.21.0 tools

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