Installing Manjaro 18 with Nvidia GTX 1050 TI

Manjaro 18 is one of the few excellent Linux distributions that currently (May 2018) includes the 4.16 Kernel. Booting the Manjaro live usb posses some problems as it does not get past initializing graphics. These instructions will enable running Manjaro with kernel 4.16 if you have a Nvidia GTX 1050 TI, for the more experienced Linux users there is a short step by step list.

Manjaro setparams uefi grub

Start the live usb, hover over boot and press E to edit. Make sure nouveau.modeset is set to 0, by default it is set to 1. With nouveau disabled press F10 to boot. On the desktop open Manjaro-architect and configure Manjaro as desired. During one of the final stages of the desktop installation procedure the video driver needs to be chosen, be sure to select the intel-video driver otherwise it will not work! The intel-video driver can be chosen from Select Display Driver but only on systems with an Intel cpu if it is not available choose video-vesa instead.
Manjaro select display driver
Next select the Install Bootloader option and in subsequent menu’s be sure to select the grub bootloader. After the bootloader the last required phase is to configure the base. Follow each of the subsequent options from the Configure Base menu. When the base is configured select Review Configuration Files followed by selecting grub.
manjaro grub add modeset
After selecting grub an text editor will open, edit the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUIX_DEFAULT and add the text nouveau.modeset=0. Now exit the text editor by pressing CTRL+X followed by y and press enter. An menu option will appear asking to update grub, be sure to select yes and with that the required installation steps are complete.

Step by step

  • Press E while hovering over the boot option and change nouveau.modeset to 0 finally press F10.
  • Run manjaro-architect and continue with regular installation steps until Install Diplsay Driver.
  • During Install Display Driver choose Select Display Driver and pick video-intel or video-vesa (video-intel preffered).
  • Continue with Install Bootloader and select grub
  • Continue with Configure Base as desired.
  • Select Review Configuration Files and select grub
  • Add nouveau.modeset=0 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT
  • Exit and save, be sure to select yes when asked to update grub.
  • Finish the installation further applying tweaks as desired and that is it.


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  1. Dantali0n author

    In the future I plan to release a guide on how to get the Nvidia graphics drivers working for the GTX 1050TI while using Manjaro. This is more difficult as it might seem at first glance when using such a recent version of the Linux kernel. Luckily Manjaro has a nice tool for configuring & installing dedicated drivers for devices such as graphics adapters.

  2. cooper -

    thx very much. I’ve got manjaro in my laptop.

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