RISC-V RV32I assembly with Ripes simulator

Assembly is the closest resembling programming language to pure machine code instructions. The available instructions depend on the architecture and even supported extensions. In this tutorial the available instructions will be limited to the most basic set of RISC-V instructions. This set of instructions is denoted as RV32I meaning that it entails RISC-V 32 bit basic integer instructions. Not only will this limited set simplify the explanation and subsequently aid the understanding. More important, the Ripes simulator only supports RV32I and RV32M extensions. Here the RV32M identifies that multiplication instructions are also available to be performed on integers. Before continuing […]

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RV32I While loop with appropriate stack in Ripes

Dynamically adding models to sqlalchemy declarative_base

This is a Python tutorial showing how models can dynamically be added to an instance of declarative_base without trigger pep8 unused import. This example works best if the project uses a directory structure similar to the following (__init__.py has been omitted): database database_manager.py models example1.py example2.py The problem from this structure arises as the same instance of declarative_base needs to be imported by both example1.py and example2.py. While at the same time the database_manager.py would create the database with all its associated tables & relationships. The simplest solution is for the database_manager.py to have the instance declared and all the […]

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Unreal Engine game development Linux pitfalls & resolutions

Unreal Engine its support for working and building for Linux is ‘lacking’ to say the least. Not only in the documentation about the tools that now have to be run manually from the commandline; generally what is and which features are not supported and common issues and resolutions are at least for Linux barely documented. So I will list some of the problems I have encountered and how to resolve them. Resolving all these problems will make creating a cross-platform game, using the UE4Editor on Linux and creating binary releases for distribution possible.

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Unreal Engine UE 2017

Cross platform video playback in unreal engine

The unreal engine supports Windows, Linux and Mac but each has its own different video player framework. If you try to have a simple single video player in Unreal this will likely only work for one or at most two platforms. By following this guide a video player can be made within Unreal engine that allows for playing back videos on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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Making social media data searchable in a representable manner

During the third semester at the Amsterdam university of applied science I was involved in the development of a online platform to search, analyze and represent data from the social media platform SnappThis. The product converts a JSON export of the social media database to a relational MySQL database through the use of Hibernate a java framework. In conjunction with hibernate a extensive API was made to allow realtime data exchange between java and javascript through the use of jQuery AJAX.

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hva social media javascript api excerpt

Fixing encrypted disc hibernation in Ubuntu with uswsusp

uswsusp A tool to enable encrypted hibernation on Ubuntu even when you use a encrypted LVM volume. By default ubuntu has no hibernation support at all, even worse when you use an LVM encrypted their is no way to enable hibernation in a simple way. However I have found a way to hibernate even with a LVM encrypted volume.

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uswsusp adventure corrupt swap

Beaglebone Black wifi access point (AP)

Turn your beaglebone black cheap arm minicomputer into a wireless access point. This was something I always wanted to do. And as it turned out it was relatively easy and very cheap.

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beaglebone black wireless access point

WordPress apache & hhvm

Update 07-02-2016 There are now package manager repositories for hhvm which greatly simplify the installation process see: https://docs.hhvm.com/hhvm/installation/introduction Want to use WordPress but pages load to slow? Now you can improve your WordPress performance by miles, With the HipHop virtual machine! HipHop virtual machine is fully compatible with apache and wordpress! The hiphop virtual machine is an JIT ( just in time ) compiler for php running in a virtual machine. It is just like how java is operating. Instead of interpreting php and turning it into series of opt-codes. hhvm turns php into intermediate byte-code before translating it into […]

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wordpress stopwatch speed increase

Online restaurant project in asp.net [nl]

Onderdeel van het project moest zijn dat van te voren gereserveerd kon worden en besteld. Om het gebruiksvriendelijk te houden hebben we ervoor gezorgd dat dit allemaal op een pagina kan. Ook kan gelijk een account gemaakt worden of ingelogd worden met een bestaand account. Nadat de klant heeft gereserveerd krijgt hij een melding als dit succesvol was. Personeels-Beheer Het personeel kan alle reserveringen, menu’s, klanten en gebruikersaccounts beheren. Hiervoor dienen ze wel eerst met een daartoe geautoriseerd account in te loggen. Daarna kunnen ze eenvoudig met een menu alle pagina’s bezoeken om de verschillende functies te gebruiken, Dit overzicht […]

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homepagina eindporject asp restaurant