WordPress apache & hhvm

Update 07-02-2016 There are now package manager repositories for hhvm which greatly simplify the installation process see: https://docs.hhvm.com/hhvm/installation/introduction Want to use WordPress but pages load to slow? Now you can improve your WordPress performance by miles, With the HipHop virtual machine! HipHop virtual machine is fully compatible with apache and wordpress! The hiphop virtual machine is an JIT ( just in time ) compiler for php running in a virtual machine. It is just like how java is operating. Instead of interpreting php and turning it into series of opt-codes. hhvm turns php into intermediate byte-code before translating it into […]

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Online restaurant project in asp.net [nl]

Onderdeel van het project moest zijn dat van te voren gereserveerd kon worden en besteld. Om het gebruiksvriendelijk te houden hebben we ervoor gezorgd dat dit allemaal op een pagina kan. Ook kan gelijk een account gemaakt worden of ingelogd worden met een bestaand account. Nadat de klant heeft gereserveerd krijgt hij een melding als dit succesvol was. Personeels-Beheer Het personeel kan alle reserveringen, menu’s, klanten en gebruikersaccounts beheren. Hiervoor dienen ze wel eerst met een daartoe geautoriseerd account in te loggen. Daarna kunnen ze eenvoudig met een menu alle pagina’s bezoeken om de verschillende functies te gebruiken, Dit overzicht […]

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Stage Bluedesk Groep [nl]

Introductie Het agelopen half jaar heb ik een stage periode voor mijn opleiding gedaan. Deze stage heb ik gelopen bij Bluedesk Groep, voor mijn opleiding applicatie ontwikkelaar op het Horizon College in Alkmaar. Gedurende deze stage heb ik bij de frontend afdeling van Bluedesk Groep meegewerkt aan verschillende projecten. De projecten waren het realiseren van wijzigingen aan website of een compleet nieuwe website maken. Vaak gepaard met het gebruik van zogeheten CMS systemen. Een van deze CMS systemen is WordPress waar ik nu ook deze website mee heb gemaakt. Mijn stage bij Bluedesk Groep is erg goed verlopen en ik […]

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stage bluedesk bv stagiares

DVB-T rtl sdr

rtl sdr Maybe youve heard of them already rtl-sdr, They are an combination of 2 words rtl which stands for realtek and sdr which stands for software defined radio. The idea of an software defined radio is that you have an receiving device that receives radio waves, These waves are then converted by a tuner and spit out as audio to the computer. The computer can control the tuner to determine the frequentie of radio waves received. And computer software can then interact with the audio received. An very interesting and clear blogpost about how sdr works can be found […]

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2D Game monthly update #2

Your own 2d game. So November has started so its time for another update on our project! So lets start with some news, First of: We will no longer use the Torque 2d engine. Switching Engines. Believe me this decision was anything but easy, but we decided that it was a necessary step to take. The Torque 2d engineĀ is simply too badly documented. We were unable to find detailed information about basic engine functions and instructions, Such as the function to draw a sprite. This made development slow and painful, Having to repeatedly quess functions and their syntax until it […]

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Borderlands 2 Fix not launching or showing up

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] A common problem. A very common problem for borderlands 2 is to not continue after pressing start on the launcher, the game simply wont show up. But dont worry if you read this you will Fix borderlands 2 in no time. When does is crash ? after the launcher gives a call to initialize borderlands2.exe which will simply crash right after the second it was assigned process id (pid). most of the times not even a log file will be written. How to fix borderlands 2. There are many different type of fixes around, all which I found […]

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2D Game Monthly update #1

2D game monthly update meeting This meeting was mainly to give a programmers a heads up about how the Torque 2D engine works, Unfortunately one of our programmers wasn’t present at the meeting for our 2D game. We will provide him with information later. After we discussed the torque heads up, We moved on to our primary gravity settings and character control which we now have operational at an basic level! Character Controls We have some main headings and expectations for our future character controls, These headings bring a great 2D platformer feel to the 2D game. We came up […]

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Starting with electrical engineering.

So I decided to start learning about electrical engineering, I was always already very interested in electrical engineering and I finaly decided to realy get into it. So I started buying things like breadboards and build up my own circuits, I made my first circuit with a voltage regulator: Ofcourse this first breadboard circuit is very basic and probaly everyone on the planet can build this pretty fast. But to make it more clear whats going on the image above here I will show you a schematic. Also please ignore the input voltage from the AC as 120 volts rms […]

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