DVB-T rtl sdr [en]

rtl sdr

Maybe youve heard of them already rtl-sdr, They are an combination of 2 words rtl which stands for realtek and sdr which stands for software defined radio.

The idea of an software defined radio is that you have an receiving device that receives radio waves, These waves are then converted by a tuner and spit out as audio to the computer. The computer can control the tuner to determine the frequentie of radio waves received. And computer software can then interact with the audio received.

An very interesting and clear blogpost about how sdr works can be found here.

Now rtl sdr are devices that use a specific rtl receiver, In combination with different tuners large frequency ranges can be received with this.

An complete list of frequency ranges and tuners can be found here.

These rtl sdr dongles can mostly be found as usb dbv-t receivers, Just like this one.

rtl sdr


The come most of the time with an included remote and antenna, Most of them use an coaxial connector however others can be found as well. The antenna isen’t something you should realy want to use so if you want to get the most of of your device I suggest making or buying an better antenna.

I bought mine rtl sdr on dealextreme, This one to be precise. They cost about $30 which is realy cheap considering normal software defined radio start at about $500. Ofcourse they do not have the same quality and they dont come with dedicated software or any kind of shielding against interference. But they cost 10 times less.

You will need an program to control the tuner I suggest sdr-sharp.

And now your ready,

reading from sdr sharp

I highly suggest you make your own antenna and place it as high as you can. Detailed calculations for different kind of antennas can be found here.

I hope you buy your own rtl sdr there great fun for the value.


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