Downloads [en]

Downloads [en]

Download specific files that you might deem useful. These downloads include files made available in various articles or just other random files. Most files will have a short description explaining what they are.

NSS & NSPR Binary pack

Contains various binaries for different build targets for the popular NSS & NSPR libraries. This pack contains NSS version 3.26 and NSPR version 4.12. Both 32 and 64 bit targets are included. More information on NSS and NSPR is also available.

Oldschool GPU bios pack

This download contains various GPU bios roms from the era of tnt2 and the et4000. Having one of these old cards induces pure nostalgia. What better then to have original bios firmware for these good old cards.

CPP webserver OVA

During a research project for the Amsterdam university of applied sciences a virtual machine running various web-servers was setup. This virtual machine has been exported as an open virtual appliance(OVA) and can be imported into most virtualizers. For instance this ova file can be imported into virtualbox. More information on the research project is also available.

OrangePi PC Ubuntu 16.04 image

All images OrangePi provides for their OrangePi PC SBC are outdated and no longer maintained. I created an 8gb image containing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with kernel 3.4.113.
Username: orangepi
Password: orangepi
Root password: orangepi

DVR Pro rev 1.6

The DVR Pro firmware contains three individual dumps. Two for roms called dvr-quad-u44 and dvr-es-u10. These should clearly be labeled inside the DVR pro device. Another dump is for a small Atmel 93c46 eeprom. Together these dumps should allow to restore the device its functionality should any of the roms be damaged.