Amazing performance with RAMdisk. [en]

Improve performance of a variaty of different applications by tremendous amounts. RAMdisk programs are small applications which allow to assign large portions of memory as a drive to the operating system. Find out how to download, install and configure such a program and use it to your advantage. As well as a variaty of tests to get a proper indication of expectable improvements.

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DVB-T rtl sdr [en]

rtl sdr Maybe youve heard of them already rtl-sdr, They are an combination of 2 words rtl which stands for realtek and sdr which stands for software defined radio. The idea of an software defined radio is that you have an receiving device that receives radio waves, These waves are then converted by a tuner and spit out as audio to the computer. The computer can control the tuner to determine the frequentie of radio waves received. And computer software can then interact with the audio received. An very interesting and clear blogpost about how sdr works can be found […]

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