2D Game monthly update #2 [en]

Your own 2d game. So November has started so its time for another update on our project! So lets start with some news, First of: We will no longer use the Torque 2d engine. Switching Engines. Believe me this decision was anything but easy, but we decided that it was a necessary step to take. The Torque 2d engine is simply too badly documented. We were unable to find detailed information about basic engine functions and instructions, Such as the function to draw a sprite. This made development slow and painful, Having to repeatedly quess functions and their syntax until it […]

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2D Game Monthly update #1 [en]

2D game monthly update meeting This meeting was mainly to give a programmers a heads up about how the Torque 2D engine works, Unfortunately one of our programmers wasn’t present at the meeting for our 2D game. We will provide him with information later. After we discussed the torque heads up, We moved on to our primary gravity settings and character control which we now have operational at an basic level! Character Controls We have some main headings and expectations for our future character controls, These headings bring a great 2D platformer feel to the 2D game. We came up […]

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