2D Game Monthly update #1 [en]

2D game monthly update meeting

This meeting was mainly to give a programmers a heads up about how the Torque 2D engine works, Unfortunately one of our programmers wasn’t present at the meeting for our 2D game. We will provide him with information later. After we discussed the torque heads up, We moved on to our primary gravity settings and character control which we now have operational at an basic level!


Character Controls

We have some main headings and expectations for our future character controls, These headings bring a great 2D platformer feel to the 2D game. We came up with the following points of interest.

  • fluid movement.
  • accelerating and decelerating movement.
  • in air jump control.
  • single air jumps.

All these features are implemented into the game, we hope to provide a video with content from the game soon. However this is not really relevant in the current phase of development.

In this update

These features are all implemented into the 2D game as of now, next the general game gravity has been set to a decent amount, And an updated background has been added. Camera controls to make the camera follow around the player, And a health system.

So in total that makes this months update contain:

  1. Gravity.
  2. Camera control.
  3. Health System.
  4. Basic landscape generation.

Noticeable bugs

There are a few bugs that need to be sorted out quickly in the current build. These are the following:

  1. Wall climbing is possible.
  2. Movement hang on rapid key presses.

For this monthly update I will describe the bugs in detail. Wall climbing is possible due to that our current jumping system is still in beta. In the future the jumping system will rely on collisions with objects. For now it relies on standing still.

Movement hang is a bug which we must look into future, upon pressing the left and right arrow key rapidly it will hang and move to the wrong direction. This is probably a problem with our scheduling system.

Future update

In the next update we hope to provide dynamic backgrounds, An object grid and a start on the game menu, We will be sure to keep you posted. Expect the next 2D game monthly update to be in around November.

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